About Us


Discover Exclusive Products that Celebrate the Beauty of Black Imagery

About Us

Welcome to LegacyX2, your ultimate destination for unique and expressive products that celebrate the beauty of black imagery. I am Majida Abdul-Karim, and I am a Legacy Leaver. As a Mom, village Aunty, Educator, and Entrepreneur, I know all too well that positive self-imaging is imperative for young people to have heightened self esteem, and healthy self perceptions. 

Legacyx2 is the outgrowth of the lack of positive melanized images present on notebooks and journal covers. As I was walking through a major retail store looking for a notebook, I noticed the notebooks available with black and brown images were faintly present, and lacking the visual diversity of melanated people. I had an epiphany "If not you, who? You know the beauty and breadth of your people. You can, and should create the very thing you are looking for!" Thus, Legacyx2 was birthed. We are a new company established in 2023, and passionate about showcasing the richness of black culture through our carefully curated products. Come along with us on this exciting journey!

Our Mission

 At Legacyx2, our mission is to empower and inspire people from all walks of life to embrace their individuality and appreciate the profound impact of black artistry. We believe that the images we surround ourselves with should reflect our values, aspirations, and the beauty we find in diversity.

What We Offer

- Melanized Image Journals: Our journals are more than just pages to write on; they are canvases for your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. Each journal is adorned with stunning black imagery that will not only inspire your creativity but also serve as a testament to the beauty of black culture.

-T-Shirts: Our t-shirts are designed to make a statement. From powerful quotes to mesmerizing artwork, our t-shirts are more than just clothing; they are a form of self-expression and a way to show your pride in the culture.

 - Book Bags: Carry your essentials in style with our book bags. These aren't just functional; they are a fashion statement. Our bags are designed to be durable and spacious, making them perfect for school, work, or leisure.

 - Phone Cases: Your phone is an extension of yourself, so why not personalize it with our unique phone cases? Protect your device in style while showcasing your love for black culture. 

Our Commitment

 We are committed to providing you with high-quality products that not only look great but also stand the test of time. Each item in our store is carefully selected, ensuring that it meets our standards of quality, aesthetics, and cultural significance.